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Robert Wyatt - Shleep - 1997


Heaps of Sheeps
The Duchess
Was a Friend
Free Will and Testament
September the Ninth
Out of Season
Sunday in Madrid
Blues in Bob Minor
Whole Point of No Return
September In The Rain
(bonus track only in Japanese edition)

Musicians :

Robert Wyatt - vocals,keyboards, bass, percussion, Polish fiddle, trumpet
Brian Eno - synthesizer, backing vocals, synth bass
Jamie Johnson - guitar
Evan Parker - soprano sax, tenor sax
Philip Catherine - guitar
Chikako Sato - violin
Chucho Merchan - double bass, percussion, bass, bass drum
Alfreda Benge - voice of the apparition
Paul Weller - guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Annie Whitehead - trombone
Phil Manzanera - guitar
Gary Adzukx - djembe
Jamie Johnson, Alfreda Benge, Charles Rees - chorus

Recordet at Phil Manzanera's Gallery Studio, during the autumn, winter and spring of 1996 - 1997 except 'Maryan', voice and violin recorded at the Chapel Studio, S.Thoresby - guitar recorded in Belgium, at the Moon Office, as part of a project for producer Jo Bogaert.
Produced by Robert Wyatt, except 'Heaps Of Sheeps', produced by Brian Eno. 'Alien', voice production by Alfreda Benge.

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