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The String Project - 2015
Live In Brussels


Philip à Paris - Jean-Claude Petit
Toscane -
Arr. Martin Wind
December 26th - Arr. Frédéric Devreese
More Bells -
Arr. Jean-Claude Petit
Transparence -
Arr. Michel Herr
Climate Warning - Arr. Michel Herr
Virtuous Women - Arr. Nicola Andrioli
L'Eternel Désir - Arr. Michel Herr)
Noburl - Arr. Stéphane Collin
Homecomings -
Arr. Stéphane Collin
Pendulum - Arr. Bob Porter

All tunes by Ph.Catherine except "Philip a Paris" by JC Petit

Musicians :

Philip Catherine - guitar
Nicolas Andrioli - piano
Philippe Aerts - bass
Hans Van Oosterhout - drums
Nicolas Fiszman - ac.guitar & el.bass

The Orchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie (ORCW)
Conducted by Frank Braley

Recorded on January 13, 2015, live in Flagey, Brussels (B), by the VRT (Walter De Niel, engineer), released in September 2015.
CD (Act Records 9594-2).
Artistic supervision : Michel Herr & Nicolas Fiszman.

Produced by Philip Catherine

ACT 9594-2

New Folk CD Bremen